Budget Help

How Budget helps you.

Budget allows you to determine if you have enough money set aside for your future bills.

To accomplish that, divide your bills and income into two checking accounts. One for the predictable events and one for the variable events. Then create an input line for each using Notepad. The line is described below:

Once the input lines are created, save the Notepad file and use Copy and Paste the lines into the "Budget Input Area" and press "Build Budget." The web page will present the account balance that is needed to support the future transactions.


Type or paste your input into the "Budget Input Area:" then press "Build Budget.

I suggest that Notepad be used to enter and save your data, then use Copy and Paste to put it into the input area

Cut, Copy, and Paste

Finding Notepad

Another option is to search for Notepad

Once found I suggest placing it on your desktop so it is easier to find next tine