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PSIA Level 2 videos

numAgility/VersatilityMountain SkiingSkiing at Skill Level
1 Lane Changes Free Run Wedge Turn
2 Skate Down the Fall Line: Off Piste Variable Condition Wedge Christie
3 Straight Run to Hockey Stop L2 Bumps Open Track Parellel Basic Parallel
4 Step Christie Wedge Short Radius Turns Performance Short Radius
5 Basic Leapers Medium Radius Turns Performance Medium Radius
6 Railroad Tracks.
7 Basic Parallel turns No Poles
  1. Wedge Christie Advanced Setp Christie?
  2. Basic Parallel Open Track Parellel?
  3. Stem Turn
    Online Test topics
  1. Science of Skiing- ATM & Core - (Done)
  2. Teaching and Learning Theory - Core & Childrens
  3. Movement Analysis - ATM & Core - (Done)
  4. Tactics and Techniques- ATM - (Done)
  5. Specific Populations - Core & Childrens - (Tried)
  6. Industry, Service and Safety - Core