The following paragraph is a paragraph about which is better; cats or dogs.

Cats are the best. They are better than dogs. After all how often do you sit down after a long day of work, open youtube, and watch cat memes for the rest of the day? What about dog memes? See? You watch cat memes more. Therefore cats are better. Cats are also a lot harder to train which might seem like a set back, but it gives you a bigger sense of accomplishment when you do train them. They are also more laid back, so it's easier to snuggle up next to them when you are going to bed.

"Bark!" "Woof!" and whatever noises dogs make are very annoying and the only noises cats make are purring, meowing and very occasionally, they will hiss. But, like I said, very occasionally. Cats don't cost as much as they can figure out their way home. This saves you money as you don't have to buy a collar for them. Unless you are super duper paranoid, that is.

Cats are also capable of (if you let them outside and you live near woods they probably will) catching small animals like mice. They will eat that and you will not have to spend as much money on food as you would if you had a dog.

Which is Better? Why Who likes them
Cats They aren't so demanding Everybody
Dogs They're not Nobody


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